Saturday, May 12, 2012

For too long

I'm usually quick to stop some bullshit, but when it comes to my mother in law, I'm uncharacteristically long suffering.  And suffering is a good word there.  We're roommates (my ex wife's mother and I)  [I know, not typical, but it just is] and she's become more work than a help.  And for far too many months, I've let her do less than her share - the share we agreed upon ... and I guess I just had a very ridiculous notion each month that the following month she'd make up for it.

But no - she's a perpetual drain on my finances and I have put my foot down.  I'm not here to allow her to enable her children to be jobless, ghetto bitches - she spends all her money on the bottomless put that is their greed and their proven habit of taking advantage of her ... and then I have to help her with HER bills?  Or I have to go without her rent to me?

I've made it clear - I have no interest in helping them any further.  I'm through with the nonsense - we have an agreed upon monthly payment for her living expenses (which is already generous on my part) and she's got to get on it.

I've redone my finances without her a part of it - and I can totally do bad on my own - so, if this shit continues, I will ask her to leave.  My kids are actual CHILDREN that I need to take care of - her grown ass kids (and two grandkids) are not my concern.  I'm through.


  1. Good. I hope she leaves. Because I'm waiting for it to be my turn to move in and live off you... LOL!!!!

  2. Wow. See. THe roomate shit is just not cool. I have always been against it.