Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thinking out loud, but quietly

I quit smoking on January 4, 2010.  It was hard as hell.  But I'm better for it.  

I gave up casual sex in December 2009.  That wasn't so difficult.  And I'm better for it.

I'm grown, but I'm learning. I can readily identify issues within me that need addressed (like smoking and casual sex) but I tend to over correct.  See, with smoking that's fine - absolutely no cigarettes.  But I'm ready to admit that when I shut down the casual sex bit, I may have actually begun to completely shut out every potentially suitable suitor.  I've decided that's completely ridiculous, albeit drama-free.

Drama-free is an absolute must (I have kids and I'm not willing to bring negative energy around them or to them.) but that doesn't have to mean my love life has to be a complete zero.

Although, to be clear, I _am_ a kick-ass dad - so I've put that me time to very good use.

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